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Thursday ESPN College Football 5* Total

South Carolina vs. North Carolina 6:00 PM ET

All sports totals 224-163 (58%) since 2/1/2014

All sports overall 7-0 L7 & 104-70 (60%) L174

MLB 6-0 L6 ,9-2 L11, & 103-79 (57%) L182!

Since 1/28/2015: Documented by

  • $100 bettors are up $4339
  • $200 bettors are up $8678
  • $500 bettors are up $21,695
  • $1000 bettors are up $43,390

"NFL Preseason Betting Angle of the Year" wins!

Cleveland +3.0 in a 31-7 blowout of Tampa Bay!

Since 2007, Ross is an incredible 53-32 with his NFL Preseason selections including 5-3 in 2015. All of these picks were documented by the Oklahoma Sports Monitor (2007-2009) and Sportscapping (2010-2015).

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Thursday ESPN College Football 5* Totals Winner

Ross releases his first college football selection of the 2015 season, and it comes in Thursday’s ESPN  telecasted game between North Carolina/South Carolina (6:00 PM ET). Ross is a master of picking winning totals in all sports, evidenced by his documented 224-163 (58%) record in that category since 2/1/2014!

for $25.00

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